Welcome to our CNP (Child Nutrition Program)
Do you qualify for free or reduced lunches?  Go online here and find out.  It will help you and it will help our school.
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Another great feature we have is a program called paypams.  With this program, you can add money to your child's account, check their balance and much more. Click on the logo below.
PayPams Online Lunch Account

Download the MealViewer app for easy access to your school's menu.  Get immediate access to daily nutritional values and allergens, as well as rate your favorite food items on the menu.  

Create your own profile to receive alerts when your favorite meal is being served.  

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Students 2.60
Reduced .40
Teachers 3.25
Child 18 and younger 3.25
Adult 4.50
All students eat free breakfast in the classroom.
The only day we don't have breakfast in classroom is on 2 hour delay and it is served in the lunchroom 

Instructions to download Meal Viewer on Cell Phones