Education Experience 

I grew up in East Limestone where I attended both elementary and high school.  I played drums in the East Limestone Marching Band from 4th grade to my senior year.  After graduating from East, I attended Calhoun to take my basic courses.  It was then I had the brilliant idea to major in accounting at UAH.  After one semester of that, I decided that was NOT for me.  Not knowing what to major in, I got a job where I repaired jewelry.  This job would provide the means for me to attend Athens StateCollege where I majored in elementary education.  Since I was paying for my degree on my own, it took me several years to complete all of the requirements.  After obtaining my teaching certificate, it took me a year to land my first classroom.  In the meantime, I taught Teacher Space Camp and International Space Academy at The Space & Rocket Center and I waited tables at the Madison Applebee's.  I began teaching 4th grade at PineyChapel Elementary in 1998.  I taught 4th grade for four years, and 6th grade for two years.  Then I made the transition to 3rd grade at Cedar Hill.  After 3 years in third, I transferred to 5th, where I taught for two years.  I am currently in fourth grade, which is my favorite grade to teach. My favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science.

During My Free Time 

When I actually have some free time, I like to work outside around the house.  I am always busy with some kind of project, and I love to take care of my lawn in the warm seasons.  In the summer, you are likely to catch me sitting in my front porch swing with a good book in my hands.  I also enjoy collecting and watching movies and playing video games on my PS4.  My friends and I have a group in Rock Band where I play the drums.  My favorite song to play is "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.  I also attend First Baptist Church in Athens where I play timpani and percussion in the orchestra.  It won't take you long in my classroom to realize that I am an Auburn fan...WAR EAGLE!!!!    The rest of my family is Alabama, so I don't know how I was blessed with the sense to be an Auburn Tiger.  

This Year

This year, students will not be given a personal computer to use.  However, we will be able to access them on a rolling cart on a regular basis.   

Use of Personal Technology

For the last few years, I have allowed students to bring their own devices to the classroom, where I show them how to use them for more than just games.  You should have received a copy of this with my brochure, however, if you didn't, you can download it from the link at the top of my page.

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is one of the best tools I've ever had to keep in touch with parents.  It is how I communicate with parents about things happening in our class and at school.  It is also a way that I can share pictures and video clips of activities we will be doing in the classroom.  This is also a great way for me to give positive feedback for those who do what they're told and also to assign consequences for those who do not.  You will receive immediate input from me, and I can also receive immediate input from you.  Forms to sign up for this will be sent home the first week of school.


The 2019 - 2020 school year is going to be a blast!!!  I look forward to helping my students grow and advance in their venture to become a successful voyager in the 21st-century classroom.  MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!